7 Days at the Maternity Ward in Ghana | Documentary


45 min.  2024

It is the start of a journey that will profoundly impact not only the lives of the twenty doctors and midwives who have embarked upon it. Following days of challenging travel, Gynecologist Nadja Taumberger and her team dive straight into the daily operations of Holy Family Hospital in Ghana. Situated as a vital hub in a vast and often underserved region, the hospital serves as a beacon of hope for many.


Motivated by the remarkable collaboration with their Ghanaian counterparts and their determination to bring lasting positive change to the healthcare of mothers and their children, the team will push beyond their physical and mental limits during their stay in Techiman.


The film provides a rare insight into the partnership between individuals from two continents who, against all odds, and with unwavering dedication, have committed themselves to the well-being of their patients.

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